About the project

Project name

Long-term strategic research and development focused on the incidence of Lynch syndrome in the population of the Slovak Republic and the possibilities of prevention of cancers associated with this syndrome



Project code



Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure


Managing authority: Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic,
Intermediate body: Research Agency



Registered office

Novozámocká 1/67
949 05 Nitra

Organization ID

37 986 805

Total eligible expenses for the implementation of project activities

9 205 044,72 €

The amount of non-returnable financial assistance provided

9 110 238,17 €

Project implementation period

6/2019 – 06/2023

Project implementation location

Slovak Republic/Nitra Region/Nitra

Project PreveLynch

The aim of the project is research and development in the field of hereditary cancers caused by Lynch syndrome and the presumed genetic background of a higher incidence of selected types of cancer in the Slovak population.

Interesting facts about the project

The subject of research

The obtained knowledge and its subsequent implementation in the form of a specifically designed screening program as well as a central database of specific patients with Lynch syndrome will provide a basis for more effective prevention and management of cancers associated with Lynch syndrome. Moreover, they will also help design a screening program suitable for our population. An important objective under the project is also the development of prototypes of novel, less invasive cancer screening methods based on liquid biopsy.

Clarifying the relevance of the genetic component in the incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC) in Slovakia, the introduction of modern non-invasive screening tests and defining of appropriate screening in our population will reduce the incidence and mortality of CRC and other Lynch-associated cancers, increase the quality of life and also reduce sickness absence as well as curtail treatment expenditures nationwide.


The activity will also result in issuing of 30 publications prepared within the scope of the project, of which 10 will be published in professional journals indexed in the Web of Science and/or Scopus databases and 6 publications in other databases such as Web of Science Core Collection and/or Scopus; 5.09 FTE of new researcher positions; 2 filed international patent applications and 1 national patent application; i.e. the total of 3 applications for registration of intellectual property rights; 2 entities applying under EU programs; supported participation of 4 foreign researchers and founding of a spin-off.